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Syndromes and names

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The name….the syndrome… the man..

In this section, we will feature the stories behind the common named syndromes that we use in day to day practice

Caffey’s disease Caffey’s syndrome

In the 1920s, pediatric radiology was in its infancy even in the USA.

At one time, John Caffey, the pediatrician was upset by the quality of support provided by the then radiologist during their meetings. At one such meeting he commented that he had wasted an hour taking to the radiologist who happened to be pathologist doubling as a radiologist!! . Then the head of pediatrics told him to to take over pediatric radiology and see if you improve it. This is a strange story of a pediatrician turned into an all time great pediatric radiologist whose books are are considered Bibles of pediatric radiology.

Being an astute researcher and a meticulous observer, Caffey described many clinical conditions the two most well known being Caffey’s disease and Caffey’s syndrome