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Voice Clinic Finding Your True Voice

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written by Dr. Sanjiv Badhwar

The Voice Clinic at Kokilaben Hospital represents a dedicated centre that uniquely serves people suffering from voice disorders, with special focus on the professional voice users. It offers a team approach in evaluating and treating problems related to voice and the physical structures that produce it, which include the mouth, nose, throat and voice box or larynx.


  • Improved Quality of Voice
  • Identification and Early Management of Benign Lesions
  • Voice Modulation

Advanced Technology

Symptoms of a voice problem like hoarseness, whispering, vocal tiredness, pain, roughness and discomfort while talking or singing, loss of singing control and effort/strain are a cause of concern. As these problems are potentially serious and their causes cannot be determined simply by the way they sound, a comprehensive laryngoscopic examination with scientific acoustical analysis is performed. These disorders could be something relatively mundane or could be as serious as laryngeal
cancer. Prompt attention is offered to the person experiencing difficulty by voice disorder specialists.

Diagnosis is made by examination and special endoscopic techniques like videostroboscopy and voice analysis software. They are useful, later in the course of treatment, to monitor the progress of the therapy


Most voice problems are managed successfully without surgery, through behavioural change and medical care. Specialised techniques that reduce tissue harm and promote faster healing are offered by our trained surgeons for the surgical cases. Habitual voice abuse is managed by conservative means, anti-reflux measures, vocal hygiene and voice therapy. Pathological conditions like cysts, nodules, polyps, tumours, neoplasms, etc., require surgical intervention by microlarygoscopic technique. Apart from injection techniques, other methods like Laser assisted procedures, and rarely, open surgical procedures like thyroplasty/arytenoid adduction are also performed

Specialist Involved

ENT specialists, speech pathologists and a voice coach provide primary services, in conjunction with several other medical disciplines to treat voice disorders. Experts from neurology, gastroenterology, oncology, plastic surgery, dentistry, endocrinology, allergology, pulmonary medicine and clinical psychology or psychiatry also form an integral part of the team. The Voice Clinic specialists perform a physical exam and specialised tests to determine the nature and extent of the problem with documentation and feedback of the recording that provides an explanation of the problem.

Voice and Speech Training


People from a wide range of professions like Executives, Politicians, Lawyers, Sales Personnel, Consultants, Doctors, Academics, Call Centre Staff, Narrators, Radio and Television Host, Voice Over Artists, Singers and Actors can opt for this program. Recording and scientific analysis of the voice in a studio allows the user to correct their voice. All voice training lessons during your voice course are taught by a Qualified Professional Voice Coach, Professional Accent Therapists and a Clinical Psychologist, who are experienced in teaching public speaking and voice over for beginners as well as for semiprofessional voice over artists and professionals.


  • Personal Consultation
  • Video Stroboscopy
  • Dynamic Voice Evaluation with a Flexible Fiberoptic Laryngoscope
  • Computerised & Scientific Acoustic Analysis of Voice
  • Vocal Hygiene or Health Maintenance
  • Correction of Faulty Use of Voice
  • Voice Care Programs for Different Voice Disorders for Children & Teenagers
  • Restoration of Damaged & Injured Voices
  • Medical Treatment of Voice Disorders
  • Voice Therapy
  • Phonosurgery or Voice Surgery
  • Training to Improve the Voice Projection
  • Stress Management Strategies to Improve Performance
  • Psychological Rehabilitation After Vocal Injury or Voice Problem
  • Care of the Professional Voice Users
  • Transgender Voice Therapy
  • Neurological Voice Correction

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